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Abbreviations used

Levels of funding

There are two types of grant, one for CPD activities for teachers and one to support the functioning of the TGA.

National Executive Registration Form
Details of contacts for the year

  • By registering with TPN you confirm you have read and understood all the Terms and Conditions of the Scheme.

  • Include complete list of current members of the National Executive.

  • Inform BEC and your nominated Education Centre of any changes in your National Executive during the year.

  • This form must be signed by the TPN Coordinator and posted, or scanned and emailed, to the TPN Administrator in Blackrock Education Centre.

Click here to download Registration Form

Proposal Forms
Community of Practice/Local Branch CPD Activity Proposal Form
List of local planned activities, to be forwarded to the National Executive TPN Coordinator.

  • DEADLINE: the TPN coordinator will agree a deadline to gather branches’ proposals. The deadline to be at least one month before submission to BEC.

  • Columns A-J can be copied and pasted into columns B-K of the Summary (see also C2).

  • Cost of venue may be queried and TPN funding may be withheld in certain circumstances; when using commercial venues (such as hotel rooms) the cost will have to be justified.

  • Proposals should also include those activities that do not incur any TPN expenses in order to indicate the level of activity locally. Those activities that involve the attendance of students should not be included.

  • TPN funded events must be open to all teachers and clearly advertised as such in TGAs’ websites and on social media, etc.  Relevant Education Centres should be asked to advertise the event on their websites also .

  •  Forms should indicate how the activities complement national educational priorities and highlight collaboration with relevant support services.

  • The maximum amount that can be granted to the national conference will be determined according to the level of local activity organised by the association and will not exceed 50% of the Activity grant.  Please include a draft programme of the conference and a breakdown of the estimated cost to include: venue (rooms, catering, equipment, etc.), lecturers, administration, participants, etc.  Consideration will be given to preceding years’ activity in determining the amount made available for conferences.  

Click here to download Branch Proposal Form

SUMMARY Proposal for Activities and National Executive Expenses
To be completed by the National Executive TPN Coordinator based on local CPD activity proposals.

  • DEADLINE: Summaries must be received by the TPNSC no later than November 30 th; queries will be dealt with during December and grants will be confirmed as early as possible.

  • Columns M-N correspond to National Executive Administration Costs; columns A-J from Community of Practice/Local Branch CPD Activity Proposal Form can be copied and pasted into columns B-K of Summary – just enter Branch in column A of Summary.

  • Priority will be given to applications received on time.  Late applications will only be considered in the event of there being an availability of excess funding.

  • A realistic estimate of costs should be presented, based on grant levels, past events and maximum limits of funding.

  • In order to receive funding a brief report must accompany the proposal, showcasing successes of the previous year, as well as indicating perceived members’ needs, goals and future plans. The report should also refer to those activities that did not meet expectation, those that did not take place and include a short statement explaining shortcomings or cancellations.   

  • Copies of branch proposal forms must be included with the summary.

  • The summary, signed by the TPN Coordinator, must be sent to the nominated EC in both electronic and printed forms.  Once the nominated EC approves the proposals they will sign it and send it to the TPNSC for consideration.

  • The nominated EC is the first port of call for any queries regarding TPN funding; ensure you develop a working relationship with them and keep them updated at all times.

  • Use of ICT to facilitate communication and the distribution of materials is encouraged, e.g. e-newsletters.

  • NatEx can request funding for design charges of e-newsletters, web hosting and domain, expenses incurred in liaison with other TGAs and communities, such as membership of international associations.  All resources produced with any support from TPN must be available to all teachers in electronic form.  Printed versions of such resources can be made available to members.  The printing cost of any resources cannot be claimed from TPN funding.

  • T&S of the NatEx is capped at 40% of the NatEx grant.

  • Include Report of objectives accomplished and aims for the future.

Click here to dowload Summary Form

Local Activity Report
Claims must be made as soon as an activity is complete and sent to the TPN Coordinator for approval, who will forward it to the nominated EC for payment.

  • DEADLINE: a maximum of thirty days after the activity’s completion.

  • Use the same reference number as in the Summary proposal (Branch/Ref, i.e. Tipp A2).

  • Activities with fewer than ten teacher attendees will not receive TPN funding; this may be reconsidered in the case of smaller TGAs, where evidence of registered participants is provided or due to other operational issues.

  • Claims must include copy of signed attendance list and all invoices and receipts.

  • Evaluation forms for each event are required and must be included with your claim (see Appendix 5).

  • Lecturers’ claim forms must be included with the claim; they will be paid by the nominated Education Centre in order to deduct the appropriate taxes; TES rates and regulations apply.

  • All claims, either from lecturers or participants, must include both school and home address; TPN funds can only be used to pay participants’ claims of post-primary teachers.

  • For those events not incurring a cost please submit an activity report before year end.

Click here to download Activity Claim Form

National Executive Administration Expenditure Claim
Claims to be presented by the TPN Coordinator to the nominated EC for payment.

  • DEADLINE: a maximum of thirty days after the date of expense or meeting; invoice/receipt/claim form(s) must be included.

  • T&S for members of Executive is capped to 40% of NatEx grant.  For funding purposes, the Executive should be composed of at least 75% currently registered post-primary teachers.  Rates can be agreed by the NatEx but must not be higher than lecturers’ rates (see Appendix 1).

  • In order to reduce costs the use of ICT to facilitate communication and the distribution of materials is encouraged.

  • Cost of venue may be queried and TPN funding may be withheld when using commercial venues (such as hotel rooms) for meetings.

  • TGAs are reminded that all claims are subject to DPER Circular 13/2014 (see Appendix 4).

Click here to download National Executive Claim Form


TPN APPENDIX 2: Lecturer claim form (PDF)

TPN APPENDIX 3: Participant claim form (PDF)

Irish versions in progress

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