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Forms 2016


THE FORMS 2016                                                                                                                       

Local Activity Report
(claim on activities)
Claims to be made as soon as an activity happens and sent to TPN Coordinator

Lecturers must be paid by the nominated Education Centre in order to deduct the appropriate taxes.  Vouchers ‘in lieu’ of payment may not be claimed for; neither can items such as flowers, wine or promotional bags.
 When preparing a claim please bear in mind your costs as estimated; while some flexibility will be allowed, costs claimed should be consistent with costs estimated.
 Include copy of attendance list, invoices, receipts and lecturers’ claims.
 Participants’ claims must include BOTH school and home address.

Download the form here

National Executive Administration Expenditure Claim
To be completed by the National Executive.  All  invoices, receipts and travel claims to be included.

Download the form here

National Executive Annual Registration Form
Details of contacts for the year
Please inform the TPN Steering Committee of any changes in the National Executive after each AGM.

Download the form here

Summary of Proposed Activities and National Executive Administration Costs
Completed by the National Executive TPN Coordinator based on local CPD activity proposals

Provide as much information as possible when presenting a conference proposal.  No proposals will be considered without sufficient information, delaying grant approval.  Please note that conferences should be held outside of the school week.
 Activity proposal forms should indicate how the activities complement national educational priorities and highlight collaboration with relevant support services.
 The proposal should contain a brief report showcasing successes of the previous year, as well as indicating perceived members’ needs, goals and future plans.
 No forms, whether proposals or claims, will be accepted without the appropriate signatures, especially those requiring the signature of the Director of the nominated Education Centre.
 Copies of branch proposal forms must be included.  The TPN Coordinator should have all the information relating to the activities of branches should the Steering Committee requires more information.
Use of ICT to facilitate communication and the distribution of materials is encouraged.
 Printing of material is discouraged.   TPN funding is permitted, however, for design charges of e-newsletters, etc.
 T&S for members of Executive: Maximum 40% of total grant, out of which 75% is for T&S of second level teachers within the Executive - the remaining 25% can be allocated for non-secondary teachers or those without TC numbers.

Download the form here

Community of Practice/Local Branch CPD Activity Proposal Form
List of local planned activity, to be forwarded to the National Executive TPN Coordinator

A maximum of 50% of any TPN’s Activity Grant may be spent on national conferences.  TES rates and conditions will apply.
 TPN funded events must be open to all teachers and clearly advertised as such in the websites.
 A realistic estimate of expenses should be presented, based on grant levels and maximum limits of funding.
 A reference number is required for each activity proposed.  Use this reference number for subsequent claims.
 Keep an attendance register for all activities and include it with your claim.
 Activities with fewer than 10 participants cannot be funded through TPN; this does not apply to meetings of the Executive Committee.  TPNs are free to run events with fewer participants using their own funds.

Download the form here


Blank attendance list

Irish version in progress

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